The Hub – Info

The Exchange Hub is meant to be a place for anyone who does or is interested in community science to share their work, offer their insight, or learn from others. Materials on the Exchange Hub can be in any format: written, audio, video, graphic novel-style, even artistic representations. Submissions can be prepared by, and should be prepared for, a broad audience that includes scientists, researchers, community leaders and members, community science practitioners, and people who apply science in local decisions and planning. Strive for a style that is approachable, clear, and readily accessible to the public.

Below are some of the existing kinds of materials currently included in the Exchange Hub, and where new submissions are welcome. However, the Exchange Hub is meant to grow and evolve, and that evolution will be driven by contributions. If none of these materials feel right for your project or the things you want to say, feel free to suggest your own by reaching out to the editors directly at